Bemo Environmental Story

bemo environmental story

What we believe at bemo

“For bemo, we believe it’s about doing the right thing wherever we can, we only have one planet!”


At bemo, we recognise the importance of embracing social and environmental awareness and responsibility. Everything we do has a chain-like reaction, from our order packaging to the brands we choose to support.

Therefore, our goal at Bemo is to simplify your shopping experience while still caring for our planet. Taking care of your health and our environment can go hand in hand by supporting environmentally conscious and socially aware businesses.

How we do our part for the environment at bemo

Our packaging:

Your order will be packaged and delivered to you in either our own boxes or our 100% home compostable bags. Our 100% compostable bags are made with corn starch and are a natural alternative to plastic based courier bags.

Our larger orders will arrive in our bemo boxes which are recyclable and compostable. We use paper tape to seal the boxes closed and this is also recyclable!

We even go the extra mile here by using recyclable shipping labels, even though they cost 3 times the price of normal labels, on your packaging which are BPA free, compostable, and simply better for our planet!

Protecting your items:

We ship all over New Zealand and do our very best to protect your items throughout their travel journey. We do this by wrapping your items in our sustainably sourced paper wrapping and recyclable tape which are naturally biodegradable and compostable.

If your order arrives in one of our bemo boxes your items are protected by our paper packaging filler. We reuse the paper packaging received from our suppliers as filler to reduce our waste and repurpose the paper.

We have eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

Going the extra mile:

At bemo, we have recently installed solar panels. They're responsible for powering every aspect of our business, from the order-processing computers to the lighting systems. This transition to solar energy significantly diminishes our carbon footprint and contributes to a greener New Zealand.

We extend our gratitude for your constant support, which empowers us to continue providing your vitamins and supplements with a heightened commitment to sustainability—for the well-being of our planet and the generations that follow. 


Our top brands that are environmentally conscious and making sustainable changes

NZ owned and operated: HempFarm NZ

International brand: Now Foods



HempFarm: Use Ethically Traded ingredients in their products & Go the extra mile to do better for Aotearoa

HempFarm NZ is an organisation that is transparent about its approach and mission. This brand discloses important information about its supply chain and transparency through all processes of its business. (We love to see it!)

Their ingredients have been sourced at a fair price from local farmers and produced under standards designed to prevent and end poverty, uphold labour conditions, and prevent environmental degradation.

By buying Ethically Traded products we are supporting all those involved in the creation of the final product and ensuring workers are happy, respected and rewarded in their work environment.

HempFarm NZ has various certifications and Licences such as Asure Quality (Organic Certification), Vegan Certified (NZVS), and The FernMark Licence, and is an investor in the NZ Sustainable Business Network. HempFarm NZ is an environmentally and socially conscious brand committed to meaningful change by looking after people and the planet.



Now Foods: Sustainable sourcing & Green facilities

NOW Foods is committed to sustainably sourcing the ingredients used in its vitamins and supplements. They have more than 150 USDA-certified organic and more than 300 Non-GMO Project Verified products. NOW Foods takes pride in offering the highest quality products, and their new supplement bottles are made from 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) resin.

They have focused on creating greener manufacturing facilities and their newest facility is US green building council silver LEED certified (Use this link for more information about this certification; 

NOW Foods has been recognized for its environmental efforts with Earth Flags from SCARCE and have Eco-Partnerships with its local communities. (We love seeing businesses put in the work for change!)

Read this article for more in-depth information about NOW Foods' sustainability efforts:


Brands making changes to their packaging


Radiance: Planet friendly packaging

Radiance’s supplement range from NZ is packaged in 100% high-grade food-safe aluminium, which is reusable and recyclable. This packaging is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly forms available. Sustainable packaging and quality supplements are guaranteed with Radiance.



Healtheries: Transition to plant-based packaging  

Healtheries have moved their entire supplement and powder range packaging to plant-based bottles. Their new plant-based bottles are made from sugarcane and can be recycled in your regular recycling bin. They have also removed the white colour pigment from their bottles to increase recyclability.


Final Word

In 2023, we will continue to stock brands that make conscious environmental and social efforts. If there are any brands we do not currently offer at Bemo that you know are making these efforts and would like us to have in stock for you, please contact us at: with your preferences. 

At Bemo, we try our best to deliver vitamins and supplements to you in the most efficient and planet-friendly way possible. We are aware we still have a way to go. However, we will do our best to be kinder to the planet in every area possible whilst offering you the best service here at bemo. 

Thank you for all your continued support - all the best x

The Bemo team 

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