Life Cykel


      Life Cykel is an evolutionary mushroom biotechnology company from Australia.  Double extracted liquid mushroom extracts infused with wild harvested kakadu plum.

      Life Cykel mushroom extracts taste great and can be added to your favourite hot or cold drink.    Different mushrooms have different focus but can be used together.

      Lion's Mane is "The Flow State Mushroom" for when you have a long to do list! Cordyceps is "The Activation Mushroom" to kickstart your day or  before exercise.  Reishi is "The Zen Mushroom" as part of your wind down routine. Turkey Tail is "The Tummy Friendly Mushroom", soothing after a meal.  Shiitake is "The Beauty Mushroom" make it part of your daily beauty ritual.  Chaga is "The King of the Mushrooms", antioxidant and mineral rich.

      6 products

      6 products