Our Journey

Our Purpose

We are here to help you to be more.  To be more healthy, to be more energetic, to be more happy or whatever the health and wellness be more is for you.

bemo be more

Health and wellness comes from all aspects of life.   It’s about what you do, what you consume, and even how you think.   We believe that many of us can get an additional boost from the many vitamins, minerals, and natural health supplements available.   Natural health supplements have been used in many cultures for centuries and today we know that between 60-75% of people take some form of supplement (**).  Supplement users are more likely to practice healthy habits like exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and sleep well (**).

Major Supplements from bemo

Our Journey

We’d used natural health products our whole life as did most of our friends.  But we found it was difficult to easily find the right products, at a reasonable price, for whatever we needed help with.  

We started in 2019 with a concept to simplify shopping for natural health.  In early 2020, we launched our first digital store with 100’s of products.  Whilst we are 100% NZ owned and operated, we initially focused on premium international brands because they are very high quality and are at good prices. 

We have stable low prices every day, we want to make it easy to find from a curated range of products, and we are obsessed by friendly customer service and fast delivery.

Andrew founded bemo, having spent more than 25 years in retail, digital and logistics.   He wanted to focus on his passion for natural health, utilise his past experience and start a family-owned business with his 3 children that could be run from his property just north of Auckland.

Our Values

We thought about our values from the day we started bemo.   We know that it’s not just what you do but how you do it that counts.   We came up with a few simple values on how we would be.

We will :

  • Be great for customers.  Everyone says it, we will do it. 
  • Be authentic. We are real people, who will do the right thing.
  • Be positive and fun. Look for the positive, keep smiling and enjoy.



**The Council for Responsible Nutrition does a regular survey of supplement usage.   In 2018, 75% of US adults took supplements.   In New Zealand, the only reliable data we have is from the Govt's 2008/2009 NZ Adult Nutrition Survey, although more than 12 years out of date even then it was reported that 47.6% of NZ'ers 15 years and over were taking supplements.