About Us

About Us

We are bemo.   We aim to be NZ’s best store for natural health products.

Our goal that we are passionate about is helping people to be more … be more healthy, be more energetic, be more happy.  

We source and supply a great selected range of high quality natural health products, at great prices everyday.   We are focused on making your experience with bemo simply the best – we made our store easy to navigate, with easy to follow product information and clear product photos, and we are totally focused on fast and friendly delivery.


Our Founder 

Andrew Buxton lives in Auckland with his partner, Simone, their 4 children, and their dog, Charlie.

About us

After a long career in retail and digital, and travelling every week for many years, Andrew wanted to build a business that he was passionate about that could be built near his home.    Andrew has himself always taken natural health supplements and saw an opportunity.

Finding natural health products at the right price is a difficult thing to do.   Shopping in a local chemist is always extremely expensive.   Even the pricing in a “discount” chemist, whilst they always seemed to be on promotion, the pricing really wasn’t as good as it looked.   Shopping online was disappointing, websites were either old and clunky, and/or information was poor, and having 30,000+ products was always difficult to navigate and find what you actually wanted.   Shopping from overseas was tricky, with some items not able to be delivered, or long delays with shipping and customs that could often be 2 weeks or more.

There had to be a better way.   And so bemo started.   Great natural health products, at great prices every-day, that’s easy to shop, with fast and friendly delivery.   

 Simply natural health helping people to be more – bemo!